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SM Entertainment scouting talent for NCT Vietnam

It looks like SM Entertainment is about to enter the V-Pop business.

At the Maekyung Vietnam Forum, SM Entertainment founder Lee Soo Man announced that the company is currently working on launching NCT Vietnam.

They have eyes and ears out looking for top talent in Vietnam to join the group.

SM Entertainment detailed plans of launching a South-East Asian version of NCT, and now we have a specific country that they’ll be targeting.

Lee Soo Man stated the following as the reason they’re targeting Vietnam:

“Vietnam has a relatively young population. Around 65% of the population is under 35 years old. Also, Vietnam shares similarities with South Korea in regards to lifestyle and culture. By creating global stars (in the form of NCT Vietnam), we believe we can help Vietnam economically. We want to work with Vietnam to develop opportunities that will develop their economy and industry.”

Those are very passionate and huge goals.

We hope that NCT Vietnam because a big hit. It’d be amazing to see another rising Asian-pop scene.

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