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SM Entertainment sets EXO’s Lay up with his own workshop


SM Entertainment has created a workshop in China under EXO Lay’s name!

The workshop will help launch Lay’s solo career in China as well as increase SM’s growth in the country.

Don’t worry though! Lay is still going to be promoting with EXO. This workshop will help him pursue solo activities when he has free time.

While this studio is primarily for Lay, it will also be open to future SM Artists who want to practice and grow as well.

SM Entertainment gives EXO Lay his own studio

We’re happy that SM Entertainment created this workshop for Lay.

We do feel like this studio should be under both Lay and Tao’s name, however, because we know how much Tao loves to act too.

Hopefully Tao doesn’t feel envious or left out.

But this studio is a great step forward for all of the Chinese artists in SM Entertainment.

And we’d like to think that if it weren’t for Kris and Luhan leaving EXO, this might not have happened.

SM is now taking into consideration the feelings of its Chinese artists and are going the extra mile to make them happy.

Strides are being made!

Here is what Lay says about this new workshop:

“I am willing to use the resources I have in China to help SM Entertainment. I will help facilitate the company’s growth as well as the China-Korea culture exchange and development. The establishment of this studio helps set up the foundation for future artists while also helping them abide by their contract.”

Here are netizen’s comments on EXO Lay’s new studio, translated by NetizenBuzz:

Source: OSEN via Naver

1. [+692, -26] Now this is what you call revenge, SM.. thumbs up

2. [+501, -26] Yixing, supporting you. Light up China with your promotions.

3. [+451, -35] SM must trust Lay… frind strength, Yixing!!

4. [+367, -16] Show the traitors what you’re made of!!!

5. [+314, -18] Ohh.. good job, good job SM!

6. [+86, -5] I hope Lay’s just the start and SM will support Tao and all of the other Chinese members under SM. Make the traitors’ stomach churn over everything they’ll be missing out on.

7. [+72, -4] Give them that hard support. Make the traitors hurl in regret.

8. [+62, -3] I bet the kids who left are scared now.

9. [+59, -6] Sigh, if the traitors just stayed quiet, they could be promoting in China with a more modern style than now ㅋㅋㅋ Yixing, fighting


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