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SM obtains the patent for EXO-L – EXO branded everything!

SM Entertainment has just been revealed to have obtained a patent for a brand name called “EXO-L“.

The patent covers over 10 categories.

EXO-L will be a brand name for many different types of products, including bed sheets, jewelry, drinks, clothing, undergarments, kitchen supplies, and much much more.

For those of you wondering, the L stands for “Love”. EXO-Love.

SM Entertainment obtains the patent for EXO-l 1

Rumor has it that EXO-L will also be EXO’s official fandom name.

With the direction that SM Entertainment is going, it might as well be.

There’s no word on when EXO-L’s brand will launch, but we do know that SM Entertainment is hard at work getting EXO’s products to launch as soon as possible.

It’s amazing how EXO has evolved in just 2 years.

They’ve become one of the most popular idol groups in the Kpop music business, and now they’ve literally become a name-brand.

We hope that EXO-L is a huge hit, but it most definitely will be considering how huge EXO’s fanbase is, and how successful their pop-up shop “BWCW” was.

SM Entertainment obtains the patent for EXO-l

  1. xohmyitsme says

    I like BWCW’s name better though… But it’s still really nice that they finally have their own brand name! ^^ (Wouldn’t buy the undergarments though x3)

  2. passion burn says

    undergarments… wow

  3. PandaPanda says

    When I first saw it, I thought it was a pun for ‘Extra-Large’ (XL) O_O but I’m so proud they have made it this far! Congratulations, guys!!

  4. yoman says

    So wuts the fanbase name again? Please not let it be exo-l *weird weird weird *tocryfor

  5. tippany says

    ‘exotic’ just has a nice ring to it.

    where did that come from anyways? didn’t simon make it up from eatyourkimchi? correct me if i’m eureureong ㅋㅋㅋ

  6. justgiwithit says

    Meanwhile f(x) still has no official fandom name after five years…

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