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SM is Preparing to Launch NCT Vietnam

SM is going all in with their NCT program.

They’ve just announced that they’re preparing to debut NCT Vietnam, or NCT-V for short.

The company will be holding their first rounds of auditions in Vietnam starting this November.

The company is also working on debuting NCT China some time in 2019, and they’ve already announced three of its members.

SM’s NCT concept has been pretty lackluster since its debut, which is baffling to almost everyone considering most people like their music.

Maybe they’re just being overshadowed by their EXO oppas and BTS.

They haven’t hit it big yet, but SM still seems very invested in the concept.

Netizens are saying that they’re trying to form the Korean version of AKB48, except with male idols instead of female ones.

We’re big fans of the NCT concept, and we hope that their star power experiences a meteoric rise sometime soon.

They definitely deserve it.

Is it the right time to try and launch NCT Vietnam though?

While branching out to Vietnam seems a bit strange, we knew from the get-go that SM Entertainment wanted to expand NCT throughout all Asian countries.

So netizens shouldn’t be too surprised or outraged at SM’s direction.

But if it’s the right direction at this point of time for SM and NCT remains to be seen.

We just hope that both NCT China and NCT Vietnam hit daebak, and that the other NCT units get the love that they deserve.

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