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SM reveals limited-time EXO secret track “First Love”!

SM Entertainment has given all of EXO-L a gift! It’s a secret EXO track called “First Love“, but the trick is that the song will be taken down within the next 8 hours.

From what we can see from EXO’s 2nd Full Album “EXODUS” tracklist, the song won’t be on it… which can mean either it’ll be a secret track on the album, or it’ll be saved for an upcoming repackaged version of the album.

We’re gonna lean toward the latter.

So that means that you’re gonna have to listen to the heck out of this song before it’s taken that… or you can get a bit “creative”, but we can’t legally tell you how ;-P.

SM Entertainment reveals EXO First Love track limited time

EXO’s “First Love” sounds so divine and amazing, as per almost all of their songs.

The vocal parts are spread out pretty evenly and everyone sounds great.

We’re glad that SM Entertainment released this song to us. It’s helping hold us over until EXO’s album release tomorrow.

Check out EXO’s “First Love”, both the Korean and Chinese versions below:

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