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SMROOKIES perform BassBot in latest dance video

Finally, some more material from SM Entertainment’s pre-debut SMROOKIES! Or should we call them SR15B?

We were dying for new content from them and SM did NOT disappoint at all.

Boys’ Generation members Johnny, Hansol, Taeyong, Yuta, Jaehyun, and Ten were the performers in this dance video, choreographed by the S**tkingz.

The video was directed by METAOLOZ and it’s absolutely beautiful.

SMROOKIES return with BassBot Dance Video

The SMROOKIES show off their almost robotic synchronization in BassBot (a song that I must say sounds really great) along with their astounding visuals.

We can tell that these boys are almost debut-ready and we’ll be waiting (impatiently) for them.

It’s speculated that Boys’ Generation will be making their debut sometime this summer, possibly in June, however nothing has been confirmed by SM Entertainment yet.

If the rumors are right though, it means that we are only a few months away from seeing more of these boys on TV.

They definitely got the dancing part down. Let’s hope that they have the vocals to match as well!

Check out SMROOKIES “BassBot” below. Also check out our SM’s Boys’ Generation magazine for more pictures of the boys’ performance.

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