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SNL Korea pokes fun at EXO Baekhyun’s sasaeng controversy

In light of the recent sasaeng incident that occurred at EXO Baekhyun’s brother’s wedding, SNL Korea created a parody to poke fun at EXO’s sasaeng fans.

In the parody, singer “XO” comes to the smurf village to sing at a wedding.

A sasaeng fan trespasses her way into the wedding to take pictures of XO and ends up injuring the bride and getting into fights with the wedding guests.

One of the smurfs called her a “critical patient”.

SNL Korea pokes fun at EXO Baekhyun's Sasaeng incident

The SNL Korea skit got a huge response from netizens and viewers alike. Many netizens said that these sasaeng fans are insane and may be the downfall for EXO in the future. Many said that they became anti-fans of EXO just because of their psycho fans.

Many EXO fans also stated that while they know the sasaeng fans have crossed lines and need mental help, SNL Korea parodying the wedding incident was in poor taste.

I wonder how Baekhyun feels about SNL’s skit. Will he be able to laugh it off, or will his negative emotions and embarrassment resurface? It would be terrible if Baekhyun’s relatives all saw the skit as well.

SNL Korea pokes fun at EXO Baekhyun's Sasaeng incident 1

Source: Netizenbuzz

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  1. QueenKongYang XD says

    It’s bad enough that THAT incident happen why even make a freaking parody of it? I don’t even think Baekhyun found it funny at all but yet again I don’t really know my idols like sasaeng fans. It’s unfair to k-pop idols that even though they’re living their dreams they have to deal with these sasaeng fans. 🙁

  2. greenceleste says

    shouldn’t an establishment like this be mature enough to not rub salt onto another’s wounds? This is not wise … 🙁

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