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SNSD’s Yuri is Afraid No One Will Attend Her Fan Meetings

Girls’ Generation’s Yuri just held a live video session with fans through Naver’s V app, and there she revealed something heartbreaking to her fans.

Many of her fans have been asking her why she hasn’t held a solo fan meeting yet.

There, she explained her stance on the situation:

“YoonA had one, Sooyoung had one, Seohyun had one too I think… Taeyeon has her concerts. I think many of my fans are waiting for my own fan meeting, but they (the company and her manager) said that I can’t have one just yet… Because the turnout might be small and that would look bad. That’s what my manager said.”

She continued on by saying:

“So I can’t just say that I want to do a fan meeting. I know there are a lot of fans waiting to see me. I don’t know if my manager knows that, but I believe he’ll see that eventually.”

We really feel for Yuri on this one.

She has tons of fans who will come out and support her.

It’s a shame that SM Entertainment and her manager can’t see that.

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