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SPICA Kim Boa’s first Korean fan site goes live!

SPICA’s Kim Boa received a nice surprise today. Her first Korean fansite has just gone live!

It’s still of course in its infant stage, but soon the site will be filled with news about Kim Boa as well as photos of her and her daily schedules.

It’s about time these girls got their own individual fansites.

This way more people can find out more information on these new up-and-coming Kpop stars, which in turn will lead to more loyal fans for SPICA.

SPICA's Kim Boa gets her first official Korean Fansite!

SPICA has been receiving a lot of love with their comeback “Tonight“! Thanks to the help of Lee Hyori as well as Hyori’s fiance, the girls has seen a huge increase in their popularity.

People are beginning to recognize these girls and their talents. Hopefully more fansites will pop up soon for SPICA, especially fansites for every other member.

You can visit Kim Boa’s Korean fansite here. We’ll keep you posted if any more pop up!

Credit: SPICA Singapore

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