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SPICA makes an outstanding comeback on Music Bank!


SPICA had their first comeback stage today, and these girls did a wonderful job. They performed their latest track “Tonight” on a special stage.

The girls appeared one-by-one from a makeshift sunflower garden, and they performed a light and fun choreography with their backup dancers.

What was really spectacular about their performance tonight was these girls’ vocals. Unlike some K-Pop acts who seem to sing lower than the backtrack, SPICA’s vocals were projected well and they sounded mostly on-point with the song’s studio track.

SPICA makes an outstanding comeback on Music Bank with Tonight

The girls received loud cheers from their fans after their performance ended, showing just how respected they are as artists. SPICA should be getting ready to release a full-album soon, and with a comeback like “Tonight”, they should be expecting a huge influx of sales compared to their first mini-album.

We’re looking forward to SPICA’s next comeback stage. With performances like these, they’re bound to attract a lot more fans. Check out SPICA’s performance below!

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