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SPICA returns with their artsy and mood-lifting track “Tonight”


SPICA, the K-Pop rookie girl group from B2M Entertainment, has just made their comeback with their new track “Tonight”. The girls had a lot of help from Lee Hyori and Hyori’s fiancé Lee Sang Soon to produce their comeback, and it shows.

The music video for Tonight is very artsy and beautiful. SPICA’s powerful vocals really shine through. Lee Hyori makes an appearance in the music video, and it’s believed that Lee Hyori and Kim Boa wrote the lyrics to the song together. The great thing about SPICA is that every one of the members have amazing voices. In fact, Boa, the leader of the group, was a vocal teacher before making her debut.

SPICA returns with their artsy and mood-lifting track Tonight

These girls can set themselves apart from many of the other rookie groups currently in the industry because of their advanced level of skills. Fans were already captivated by SPICA when they made their debut last year with “Russian Roulette”, and have been eagerly awaiting their comeback.

There are some netizens who have their qualms about SPICA however. They believe that while SPICA is very talented, the group lacks their own color. Perhaps with their comeback, SPICA will be able to show everyone a signature side of them that will turn viewers into loyal fans.

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