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Stray Kids to make their debut at the end of March!

JYP’s next boy group, Stray Kids, will finally be making their debut at the end of March.

They will have a debut showcase on March 25th, which will be held at the Seoul Jang Chung Arena.

Their music video for their title track has already been recorded and finalized, and the boys are working hard at the preparations for the rest of their album.

Stray Kids will be launching their debut right after their brother group, GOT7, charges in with their comeback on March 12th.

The boys are very excited to finally be debuting.

On a recent V Live broadcast, they told fans that they’re going to work very hard and that they hope that at the end of the year, they’ll be taking home the rookie awards from the awards ceremonies.

They also hope that their music and group goes down in music history.

We wish them all the best.


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