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Students spotted wearing EXO clothing as their uniform

It looks like EXO’s school boy concept really caught on. An entire class of students decided to take EXO’s concept to heart and were seen completely decked out in EXO attire.

Both the girls and boys wore Wolf 88 shirts with their favorite EXO biases on them (I’m assuming), as well as shorts with EXO’s heart label on them.

Now I’m not too sure what event they were holding at the school, but don’t these kids look adorable? This really goes to show just how incredibly popular EXO has become.

They’ve become trendsetters for the younger generation.

Students in China wear EXO clothing as their uniform 1

These photos were taken on September 30th, a day before EXO-M was set to attend the Shanghai Music Festival. Perhaps these kids were a welcoming committee? Who knows.

In related news, EXO-M had a great time at the Shanghai Music Festival. They performed a bunch of their songs, including Wolf, Growl, Lucky, History, and more! They had about 50 minutes on stage I believe.

And since Lay’s birthday is coming up on Monday, all of EXO fans as well as the other 5 EXO-M members sang happy birthday to Lay. He was almost moved to tears.

Source: Crunchhotkey

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