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Suho and D.O are nominated to do the Ice Bucket Challenge!


And so it begins. EXO-K’s Suho and D.O have just been nominated to do the Ice Bucket Challenge!

Suho was nominated to do the challenge by his apparent friend Eddy Kim, and D.O was nominated by Super Junior’s Ryeowook!

We hope that Suho and D.O will follow through with the challenge, but considering how wildly popular the challenge is and how many celebrities are doing it nowadays, we don’t see why these two wouldn’t do it.

We wonder who Suho and D.O will nominate to do the Ice Bucket Challenge next.

EXO-K Suho and D.O nominated for Ice Bucket Challenge

Suho will probably nominate Tao, who will probably nominate Sehun and an EXO-M member.

D.O will probably nominate Kai and/or Chanyeol, and the chain will continue on and on until all of the EXO members have gone through with it.

We’re waiting anxiously now for Suho and D.O’s Ice Bucket Challenge videos.

On a side note, the other 4 people nominated by Eddy Kim and Ryeowook are INFINITE’s L, VIXX’s N, Myu Ji, and Kim Hyung Joon.

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