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Taeyong says that he has never had a girlfriend


During an SMTOWN concert, one of SMROOKIE’s Taeyong’s seniors asked him a very awkward question, putting him in a very uncomfortable position.

They asked him if he had ever dated before or ever had a girlfriend, in which he nervously replied,

“I don’t know what dating is.”

Giggling afterwards.

Whether or not that’s true, and we want to say it’s not true considering how unbelievably godly handsome he is and how he’s 19 years old, it was still very adorable to see how nervous he got.

While we’re on this subject, we would like to address the rumors that Taeyong had a girlfriend before the whole SMROOKIES system was put into place.

Those rumors were quashed as soon as they started. For one, the rumors were spread around by an “SM staff member”, but no one who works for SM Entertainment would EVER confirm a relationship, especially not for a potential debut.

Their motto is to deny everything until there’s solid evidence provided by news outlets forcing them to be honest.

These rumors were spread around by silly fan girls or anti-fans, so don’t worry.

SM Entertainment keeps a close eye on their trainees, even though the whole debacle with Taeyong’s past somehow evaded their vetting process…

But that was in the past, and SM Entertainment has been extra careful with Taeyong since, especially now that the media is keeping Taeyong under a microscope, hoping he does something that they can further fuel their viewership with.

All that aside, fan girls rejoice that Taeyong is single and possibly not going to have a girlfriend for a long time coming.


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