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Taeyong sets up a scholarship for multicultural school

Bless his precious heart. It turns out that since last year, Taeyong has been donating money to a multicultural school called, “Da Ae”.

Because of his money, each month, the school is able to give scholarships to at least 4 students.

The students are so grateful for Taeyong’s donation that they created a wall panel filled with heartfelt letters penned for him.

While reading the letters, Taeyong was so touched and so humbled.

He took pictures with each student afterwards.

The NCT 127 boys visited the school on July 5th to see how the students were doing, and to do activities with them.

They created watermelon drinks and watermelon salads with the children. It all turned out exceedingly delicious.

The boys hope to come back soon to help create mosquito repellents with the children.

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