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Tao from EXO looks like Final Fantasy 7’s Cloud Strife?

EXO Tao’s recent airport fashion has been receiving a lot of attention recently!

Many fans have been saying that he looks almost identical to Final Fantasy 7’s Cloud Strife (the Advent Children version).

Netizens have been putting together pictures of Tao mimicking Cloud Strife’s poses and we have to say, they do look VERY similar!

There is definitely a wow factor there. A real life person looking almost like a popular animated character.

Tao looks like Cloud from FF7


These comparisons have gotten so much attention that even Tao “liked” these posts on his personal Weibo account!

Tao likes the Weibo post Taoris as Cloud and sephiroth 1

Kris has also been compared to Sephiroth, however, those comparisons are not as spot on (but doesn’t Kris still look awesome)?

Kris as Sephiroth

You can check out the comparison photos below as well as some other fan taken photos of our handsome Tao.

The boys have just arrived in Germany to film for a magazine shoot. Word has it that they’re currently in Berlin and are staying at a 5-star hotel! They’re definitely huge stars if companies are giving them the superstar treatment. The boys will be staying in Germany for about a week.

On a side note, Tao also had some amazing sunglasses on. It turns out that they were Jeremy Scott’s Army shades made for Linda Farrow’s line. They cost about $190.

Image credit: All respected owners (watermarks left in-tact).

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