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Tao’s father to sue SM for a contract termination

Let the drama begin.

Tao’s father updated his Weibo with a long post saying that he’s going to sue SM Entertainment for Tao’s contract termination.

It’s very difficult for Tao’s father to watch him suffering so much from injuries, some of which may have permanent effects.

He also says that there are some promises SM Entertainment has yet to keep in regards to Tao’s personal career.

EXO Tao's father to sue for a contract termination with SM Entertainment

Now let’s keep one thing in mind; this is all Tao’s father’s personal decision and not that of his son’s. He knows that Tao will be against a contract termination and that he is loyal to the other EXO members.

But we can understand Tao’s father’s viewpoints. Tao has been injured and ill for a very long time.

And he keeps getting worse.

Tao’s father just wants what’s best for his son, so we hope that he can work out something with SM Entertainment that doesn’t require a contract termination and Tao’s departure from EXO.

Here is what he wrote on Weibo, translated by a Tao fanbase:

Hello, I’m Tao’s father.

I wrote this paragraph with mixed feelings as I know that for many of you guys, as well as my son, would be hurt by this decision. I made an effort to persuade Tao, but he still couldn’t understand. He might even have had a grudge towards me. I know how much he loves his team and his career. It has been hard for me to decide whether he should leave Korea. As his father, it is my responsibility to ensure that Tao grows up healthy and happy. I don’t want to see my son injured over and over again. If I must choose between his health and his career in Korea, I will choose the latter without any hesitation.

In my opinion, it is important for a boy to be strong, tough, and persistent. This is why I have asked Tao to learn Kung Fu since his childhood in order to develop such character and spirit. I have also made him work part-time to earn money for studying music and dance by himself. This is also training for him to become a man who can stand on his own feet. Being a singer is his dream and choice. He has to make great efforts to accomplish his dreams.

Tao has never disappointed me. He has made it and he is always the pride of the entire family. The unexpected thing is that shortly after his debut, Tao has had innumerable injuries to his waist, body, and legs. Each time I watched his somersault on scene or on the TV, I was on tenterhooks and worried about his old wounds becoming aggravated. Particularly, sometimes when he performed abroad on a slippery stage, or in raining weather, I kept telling him to stop doing somersaults if the floor was too slippery and if his safety cannot be guaranteed. However, he always said that he didn’t want to disappoint anyone. He also comforted me by saying that he would be careful. Yet we only hear more news about his injuries on Weibo. I was extremely heartbroken. We could not look after him all the time, could not be present and could not even get in touch with him. I could not explain the pain that I have suffered with words. Nobody can understand the feeling of having to wait for his news by the phone.

I am supposed to be full of happiness in the eyes of others. I have an enviable family. My son is a famous pop star, but no one can see the misery at the back of the flowers and the claps. This time I went to Korea to bring Tao back home to recover from his injuries. On the first night I arrived in Korea, the head of the company talked to me about Tao’s future plans. They said they would set up a specialized team for Tao in China to arrange for his domestic activities as they promised in the beginning. I was excited and we discussed it a lot in detail. They said it would be announced with the other members together as soon as Tao signed the contract, but the company suddenly announced the future planning for other members. I was still in Korea and we hadn’t signed the contract yet at the time. I was speechless.

We have persisted for a long time, yet Tao still cannot get any support from his company? For what reason has he gotten black and blue all over his body for? I have decided to bring him back home for medical treatment. Unfortunately, we were told that he had missed the best treatment period, and it might bring some after effects. It is like the last straw that breaks the camel’s back. As a father, nothing is more important than the health of his child. Tao’s health and safety is always the top priority in my mind rather than the flowers, claps, and prestige.

At last, I’m sorry for the other team members in EXO and appreciate them for taking care of Tao, as well as the cultivation from SM Entertainment. I would like to apologize to all the fans of Tao and EXO for this heart-wrenching decisions. Please forgive a father who has no choice. Sorry!

Of course, netizens are very unpleased with Tao’s father’s decision and they’re spouting their xenophobia. Here are their comments, translated by NetizenBuzz:

Source: Top Star News via Nate

1. [+764, -33] Just keep the group between the Korean members ㅡㅡ The group is more than popular enough already with Korean members alone, can SM please stop taking in Chinese members and getting backstabbed all the time?

2. [+716, -27] Why is this group so noisy? I get that the Chinese members are causing a ruckus but SM is really bad at managing them too

3. [+629, -48] EXO got popular way too fast, that’s the root of the problem

4. [+51, -9] Victoria’s so amazing. The Chinese members of SM seem to have so many problems and despite SM not supporting f(x) all that much, she remains the same.

5. [+50, -13] Is Tao’s opinion being reflected at all? He seems to have so much pride in EXO when fans see him at award ceremonies… Why can’t SM just give him a one man agency like Lay.. they’re losing a good member like this. You’re cool, Tao-ssi.

6. [+45, -5] Do these members think they can make a fool of their fans by taking turns one by one like this? Yeah, you’re all doing a great job with that album promo of yours

7. [+44, -8] I’m sure it hurts their pride to be shouting we are one all the time .. ㅋㅋㅋ

8. [+41, -7] Tao himself said he wants to stay in EXO so I’m sure his opinion will matter most… he’s not a kid but a 23 year old adult now, so..

9. [+39, -1] Isn’t the situation obvious here? And SM still contracted with Zhang Yuan, they still haven’t woken up to reality yet.

10. [+35, -9] Tao is against what his father’s saying… I think the bigger problem right now is Lay, not Tao.

11. [+35, -10] EXO Royale ㅋㅋㅋㅋ I wonder how many members will be left in two years

12. [+33, -6] Tao sounds like he honestly wants to stay with him saying that he doesn’t understand his father. I understand his dad worrying about his health but he’s not dying, he just injured his ankle. I don’t get why his dad would want him to leave over that. Tao seems like a responsible kid.

13. [+33, -13] Health issues ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ SM seniors have gone through worse with that schedule ㅋㅋㅋ Just be honest and say you want him to leave while he’s most popular

14. [+31, -9] Them Chinese and their backstabbing

15. [+24, -2] I seriously don’t understand why SM insists on having Chinese members in their groups when they’ll be just fine with Korean members alone

Article: Tao leaving EXO too? Father leaves a lengthy post

Source: TV Report via Naver

1. [+7,857, -208] IAC needs to be taken off air

2. [+6,988, -196] Why did SM miss the treatment timing…

3. [+4,551, -199] What the heck is going on

4. [+4,558, -611] Tao, I’ll believe in you

5. [+3,495, -148] ???????

6. [+1,197, -33] Chinese kids are usually only children so the parents pay a lot of attention to their one kid… so I understand where the father’s coming from.

7. [+1,057, -84] Tao’s father isn’t completely wrong… and it might sound selfish but I hope Tao doesn’t leave EXO..

8. [+976, -31] Hul daebak.. but from the perspective of the parent, I can understand prioritizing health first.

9. [+927, -46] IAC needs to be taken off air..

10. [+924, -44] I understand Tao’s father. Tao has to do all the physically demanding stuff and doesn’t get properly cared for after being injured. Sending an injured kid to the hospital alone… if Tao does end up leaving, I won’t hate him for it. Be healthy ㅠ

11. [+681, -40] This is so hard… I’ve been trying so hard to hold on since the two traitors and now Lay’s agency is making me nervous on top of that… I want to know SM and Tao’s official statements

12. [+658, -46] Not a quiet day for EXO;;;;;

13. [+556, -28] This is different from Wu Yifan and Luhan, I understand Tao’s father’s perspective ㅠㅠ

14. [+531, -66] I trust Tao

15. [+446, -67] So many member issues

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