Team A is YG’s New Kpop Boy Group “WINNER”

After weeks and weeks of competition on YG’s reality TV show, “WIN: Who is Next?”, it has been decided that Team A will be YG’s new boy group!

It was a tough battle. Each team had to self-compose their own songs as well as their own choreography to their song. And they all had to re-arrange a cover for Teddy’s track “Just Another Boy“. Both groups did an amazing job with this difficult project.

The members, Kang Seung Yoon ,Lee Seung HoonNam Tae Hyun, Song Min Ho, and Kim Jin Woo all cried a sea of tears after it had been decided that they had won.

Their group will be officially be called “Winner“, which I personally think is a horrible name, but at the same time, it’s a truly deserving name for Team A, who fought really hard for their chance to debut.

Team is if officially YG's New Winner

Unfortunately, fans were met with a bittersweet feeling. While it’s awesome that Team A won, their winning means that Team B has to disband, which is upsetting to everyone. The thing is, Team A only won by a measly 2.74% in the 1st round and 0.52% in the second round… that means that with a few votes, Team B could have been the one to debut.

Everybody wanted Yang Hyun Suk to change his mind about disbanding the losing team, even Big Bang’s Seungri, who suggested he debut both teams. But unfortunately Yang Hyun Suk is staying true to his words and disbanding Team B.

Congratulations to Team A for their win. I know that Team B is officially disbanded, but I hope that somewhere along the line, they actually get their chance to debut. Maybe netizens will be able to change YG’s mind. I mean… if EVERYONE wants him to change his mind, that has to make a difference in his decision…right? Plus wouldn’t it be more lucrative for him to debut him anyway?

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