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Terrible EXO fans sued for sexually harrassing 2PM’s Taecyeon

2PM’s Taecyeon has become the victim of sexual harrassment, and unfortunately the culprits are EXO fans.

Two of the people harassing Taecyeon, and who are currently being sued by Taecyeon, were using EXO’s pictures on their profile.

Netizen’s also uncovered that before they became EXO fans, these fans used to be Jay Park’s fans.

While it was only two EXO fans (out of the many) that were harassing Taecyeon, their actions still had a defamatory effect on EXO as a whole.

Netizens accuse EXO fans of sexually harrassing 2PM's Taecyeon

Netizens are yet again outraged at the EXO community.

However, one thing that some more level-headed netizens have pointed out, or that EXO fans have pointed out, is that perhaps these two girls are just anti-fans looking to kill two birds (groups) with one stone.

Some netizens also believe that these two culprits are first, and foremost, 2PM fans (or haters), because they have been sexually harassing Taecyeon for 3-4 years, even before EXO debuted.

It’s all a very messy situation.

One thing that EXOtics can take from this is that you shouldn’t attack other groups or do anything negative in general while representing EXO.

For example, don’t do this ever again.

It doesn’t just look bad on you, or the fandom, but also on EXO.

Here’s a translation of netizen’s comments, brought to you by NetizenBuzz:

1. [+1,440, -187] I heard this Taecyeon scandal was because of the EXO bugs? As expected of their level

2. [+1,197, -72] They were using EXO pictures… I swear, EXO is ruined by their disrespectful fans. I feel so bad for the group. Find strength… and to the haters, be embarrassed of yourselves.

3. [+1,103, -24] Throw them all in jail. They need to realize that what they’re doing has consequences.

4. [+989, -26] They probably thought they could get away with it since he’s a celebrity. Good job, Taecyeon. I hope they wake up after this.

5. [+183, -11] The two people being sued are 20 and 25 year old women who used to be Jay Park fans but are now EXO fans. Taecyeon has had enough if he’s been putting up with it for four years.


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  1. Maijun Jamdee says

    they’re making not only the fandom look bad, but EXO themselves too. Being an EXOtic myself, this hurts. Honestly, shame on them for not just insulting a celebrity, but full on harassing one!

    No… shame on them for harassing someone in general!

    1. Jongdaed says

      Like some Netizens said: these are probably just some anti-fans with no life. I mean, they were Jay Park fans after all, and I heard that Hottest’s and Jay Park fans have some fanwars now and then. This is more about Jay Park fans, So they shouldnt even bring EXO fans into this shit cuz they dont have anything to do with this.

      And you know these days, haters or just everyone pretends to be an EXO fan and then talk shit about other groups, and in that way they(fans from a certain bashed group) can hate on the EXO fandom but not the fandom they(haters) are actually a part of.

      I just wish that people werent dumb enough to believe all those people who pretend to be EXO fans.

  2. JL Chen says

    This has nothing to do with the EXO members themselves. They should not be held accountable for the actions of the extremists in the fandom. It’s completely unreasonable.

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