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The Bangtan Boys blow away the crowd with N.O on M!Countdown


Bangtan Boys just had their comeback on M!Countdown with N.O, and I have to say, it was one of the best comeback performances I’ve seen so far this year… and that’s surprising considering they’re still a rookie group.

The boys started off with an introduction filled with amazing choreography as well as a dramatic skit. There were police officers and rebellion and everything.

Their performance of N.O was great as well. The rapping was on-point as well as the vocals. For a rookie group, they also exert a lot of charisma, showing off their confidence in their talents.

Bangtan Boys blow away the crowd with N.O on M!Countdown

Despite only debuting a few months ago, the Bangtan Boys (or BTS or Bulletproof Boy Scouts) have shown that they’re talented and one rookie group that you should keep your eye on. Their music is also refreshing.

Instead of just singing/rapping about love, they decide to appeal to the younger generation by inspiring the youth to chase after their dreams instead of just living someone else’s definition of happiness.

Check out Bangtan Boys comeback for N.O below! I see a lot of awards heading their way in the future.

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