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The Complicated Love Story Between Cube, HyunA, and E’Dawn

Over the past couple of days, fans have been on a roller coaster called, Cube Entertainment’s PR nightmare.

Cube released an official statement saying that HyunA and Pentagon’s E’Dawn had been kicked out of their company because the company just couldn’t trust those two anymore.

Fans and netizens were both completely blindsided by the news.

But guess what?

So were HyunA and E’Dawn.

It turns out that Cube never even had a formal discussion with the two about forcing them out of the company.

They had to find out they were being kicked of their label by reading about the news online.

Seriously. It’s like the corporate version of breaking up with someone via text.

Obviously this blew up in Cube’s face.

HyunA basically hard carried Cube Entertainment on her back.

And this is how they’re going to treat her?

Plus it didn’t help that Cube had been embroiled in way too many controversies before, like the huge one surrounding HIGHLIGHT (formerly known as Beast).

But before you get off this roller coaster, Cube has another surprise for all of you.

They want HyunA and E’Dawn back.

No joke.

They literally just released another statement saying that they’ve changed their mind about kicking them out, and will be holding discussions with them regarding trust issues and whatnot…

Oh I bet there are some MASSIVE trust issues now after all of this.

Everyone’s going to need to go through couple’s counseling.

It’s like we’re watching a romantic drama between a business and humans.

Still a better love story than Twilight though, amirite?

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