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The EXO dorm has finally been revealed!

Update: Oh, so it turns out these photos are just the model of EXO’s dorm and not their actual dorm. Their dorm is probably a lot messier =D.

The EXO dorm has finally been revealed! Through SBS’s Roommate I believe, but I’m not too sure (can some of you EXOtics correct me if I’m wrong?).

EXO’s dorm looks absolutely stunning, and not at all what I imagined it to be.

The living room area is so very spacious, and it looks so sophisticated and modern.

The kitchen is huge, which is perfect for mother D.O, and the closets!!! Oh my god the closets! I would kill to have a closet like that. It’s so beautiful. EXO's dorm 1

The bathroom has both a bath and a shower compartment, which is great because some homes in South Korea don’t have either. Some homes literally just have a showerhead… no tub, no shower door… it’s kind of strange.

I’m so glad that EXO has such a great living space.

Most groups aren’t so lucky, and they’re stuck in cramped dorms.

Can you imagine all of the members EXO stuck in such a small little space?

I’m sure their previous apartments were like that. I bet they’re glad they’re moving up now. Picture credits: Owner

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  1. xohmyitsme says

    omg that is so their dorm… omg. Their dorm is absolutely gorgeous! I remember when infinite first started.. wow. It’s crazy different how one dorms differs from another o-o

  2. exoyehet says

    Great, thank you for this! I’ve put an update on the post.

  3. Jackie Diep says

    I want that to be my home….

  4. Maijun Jamdee says

    That’s… a dorm?

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  6. angelfallen says

    Wow!!! nice dorm.. when i saw BTS dorm through youtube, i was like whaaat? I was wondering what will exo do if they have smaller dorm when they actually have many members.. at least we know they are given nice place to leave.. after all the hardwork they go home to a nice dorm… 😉

  7. LiLithepanda27 says

    I bet $uho bought it. Just kidding XD It looks very nice! ^__^

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