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The EXO fandom lost almost 200,000 fans

Update: Okay, so it turns out that the 200,000 fans leaving the fan cafe was just due to the fan cafe being inactive. It was an unofficial fan cafe that was actually made for someone else back in 2006, but was re-purposed for EXO in 2013. It was never used by EXO fans, so it was shut down. The 118,552 EXO fans belong to another, unofficial fan cafe called “weareoneexo”, and it has been around since EXO’s M1/M2 era. Sorry for worrying everyone! I’ll let KoreaBoo know as well.

Instiz’s charts show that the EXO fan cafe has lost 189,419 fans since news got out that Baekhyun has been dating SNSD’s Taeyeon.

Holy crap! We knew that a dating scandal would be bad for EXO, but we didn’t know that it’d be this bad.

EXO’s rank dropped from #3 all the way down to #9.

Thankfully, they still have 118,552 members left in their fan cafe.

The EXO fandom loses almost 200,000 fans

The 3rd place position that EXO used to be in has now been taken over by BEAST.

We hope that the rest of the members in the fan cafe decide to stay.

Many fans are optimistic though amidst all of this. They say that this scandal will blow over and that fans will eventually return back to EXO.

Other idol groups had scandals just like EXO, and they’ve managed to recover and grow!

SHINee and Super Junior are great examples.

We hope that EXO is hanging in there, and that soon things will start looking up for them again.

Source: Koreaboo/Instiz

  1. ina minji says

    not only exo fandom get this … but my bias hyoyeon get the effect to,,, so much sone bad comment on her ig for never care about taeyon case now.. what the heck is that.. so all of you wanted she cry and scream on the building or what

  2. Cyle Nicolas says

    I Hope Exo Can Stay Forever !

  3. Cyle Nicolas says

    Exo Is the One!

  4. Maijun Jamdee says

    *facepalms* I swear, EXO was cursed this year.

  5. ZAHRA IRAN says

    e.x.o k.r.i.s..baekhyun we love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  6. passion burn says

    Seeing this article really hurts me as a fan because i know Baek’s hurting right now and possibly the other members sharing his grief. OTL

  7. ZAHRA IRAN says

    I think they have done a very bad job baekhun nothing exotic, just do not care to think themselves happy are you?

  8. passion burn says

    but then, it’s good to know our fandom lost 200,000 immature and delulu peeps

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