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The Westin Hotel exploits EXO’s name and violates their privacy


So in a tasteless form of advertisement, The Westin Hotel located in Xi’an invaded EXO’s privacy and exploited their name in hopes of attracting more customers and more social media buzz.

They released several pictures of EXO’s hotel bathroom (including the bathrobes they wore), they released pictures of the fitness center that the members worked out in, and they are giving away the hotel key cards that the members used.

I think the hotel was expecting EXO-L to go fan-girly over the pictures and everything, thanking the hotel for their “inside scoop”. Too bad for them, the exact opposite happened.

Fans are pissed that The Westin Hotel would release info on EXO’s private life. They are comparing the hotel to sasaeng fans.

The Westin Hotel exploits EXO's name and privacy 1

The bathroom pictures posted above are pretty sickening, since we know that they released the photos mainly because of Chanyeol’s recent Weibo picture of him taking a relaxing bath in that exact same bathroom.

The Westin Hotel exploits EXO's name and privacy 4

The fitness center pictures they posted weren’t too invasive though, considering it’s a public location and you know, not inside of an EXO member’s hotel room.

The Westin Hotel exploits EXO's name and privacy 2

But the giving away of the EXO member’s key cards is just downright creepy.

The Westin Hotel exploits EXO's name and privacy 3

After receiving a lot of hate comments from EXO-L, the hotel has removed the giveaway and the picture of the keycards from their Weibo. The other two pictures remain though.

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