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The WINNER members would’ve shaved their heads if they lost

I’m sure this question has crossed WINNER’s minds repeatedly, but what would have happened if they had lost to Team B in the competition?

When they were asked this question by My Daily’s reporters, each member quietly lowered their heads.

Kim Jin Woo responded with a subtle expression, “I think I would have shaved my head.”

Lee Seung Hoon agreed and said, “I would have gone to Busan and shaved my head.” The other members nodded in agreement as well.

Winner would've shaved their heads if they had lost

Their responses haven’t been sitting well with fans of Team B, who are still anticipating Team B’s debut in the future.

These fans said that in a way, Team A’s responses were disrespectful to the members of Team B, who even having lost, kept their hair in-tact.

I’m sure that the members didn’t mean any harm towards Team B with their remarks, but it is understandable why fans would take offense to their statements.

Nonetheless, let’s look on the bright side. WINNER is set to open up for Big Bang’s Dome Tour soon! And Yang Hyun Suk isn’t going to disband Team B as originally planned. There’s a possibility that Team B may debut sometime in the future.

P.S: There are different translations going around from Naver and Nate articles. Some articles show that the boys said they were going to shave their heads while other articles stated that the boys only said that they’d be at their “wit’s end”.

Source: Soompi

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