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Tiffany Courageously Opens Up About Her Mother’s Death

The topic of mothers was always taboo amongst Girls’ Generation.

Tiffany’s mother passed away when she was very young, so it was always a sore and emotional subject for her.

While interviewing with VICE, Tiffany finally opened up about her mother’s death and confirmed that she had committed suicide when Tiffany was only 12 years old.

Girls Generation Tiffany courageously opens up about her mother's death

3 years after her mother’s death, Tiffany went against her father’s wishes and traveled to South Korea to pursue her career in music.

She joined SM Entertainment and was a trainee for 3 1/2 years.

She didn’t have any family in South Korea, and she only knew basic Korean.

The other trainees picked on her and teased her for her elementary-level Korean, so she worked really hard to study the language.

She continued to train hard so that she could show her father that she could succeed as a musician and show herself that she could become a daughter her mother could be proud of.

Tiffany’s English debut single “Over My Skin” is said to be a rebirth for her as an artist.

A chance to start anew and choose her own direction.

The single was co-produced by Far East Movement members Khwezi and Kev Nish. It was co-written by Kev Nish and Rachel West.

It’s all about self-empowerment and embracing one’s own sexuality, a subject that’s always iffy to talk about in South Korea.

We hope that Tiffany succeeds as both a musician and an artist in America.

She underwent a terrible tragedy as a child, but still found the strength to pursue her dreams and bring her positivity to the world.

Source: VICE

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