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Topp Dogg debuts on Show Champion with “Say It”

Topp Dogg has made their official broadcast debut on Show Champion!

The group performed their debut track “Say It” with a lot of spunk and charisma.

The song had a lot more auto-tuning that I expected, which was a bit of a turn off, but the chorus is very catchy.

Topp Dogg isn’t the best of dancers, but they did have some pretty eye-catching moves every now and then (like with that guy who did the 360 flip).

Topp Dogg debuts on Show Champion

I wish there was some more choreography because the stage looked a bit messy and crowded when the members were just standing there doing their own thing.

And I’m guessing the lyrics won’t work well with the Korean population because it promotes wanting to get high on drugs, which is a huge no-no especially in Korea (well any East Asian country).

For their first stage, I think Topp Dogg did a great job, and there’s only room for improvement! They already have a good amount of stage presence to begin with. You can check out their debut stage below.

Source: ToppDoggIntl

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