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Topp Dogg introduces its 7th member: A-Tom

Topp Dogg’s 7th member has been revealed, and he looks pretty awesome. He goes by the stage name “A-Tom” (Seriously, who came up with these names?).

He does have this whole anime bad-boy vibe going on, and I love it. I wonder what his position in Topp Dogg is… he does seem to look very leader-like to me, but who knows, maybe he’s a vocalist.

Everyday since the 7th, Topp Dogg’s members have been introduced one-by-one, and each day more and more buzz gets generated for this potentially amazing group. K-Pop netizens are already excited about how amazing this group looks and can’t wait to see these boys debut.

Topp Dogg introduces their 7th member A-Tom

It’s not surprising that Topp Dogg is getting so much hype. These boys are being led by Cho PD, the same guy who produced the very popular Block B.

Let’s just hope that Topp Dogg doesn’t encounter the same problems Block B had with Cho PD. We’re hoping that these boys have a smooth and successful career.

Topp Dogg is set to debut on October 24th, but they’ll also be holding a special debut showcase 2 days before!

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