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Topp Dogg releases their music video for Cigarette

Topp Dogg has just released their music video for their comeback track “Cigarette“!

This song is an R&B track with some rap mixed into it. It was produced by member Gohn as well as singer-songwriter Deez. Actress Park Seo Yeon also signed on to be the main actress in the MV.

The song is about a boyfriend who is in love with and is addicted to his girlfriend, just like how one becomes addicted to cigarettes.

This track is a huge change from “Say It“, which was almost purely a rap song and was much more… swagger-y.

Topp Dogg releases music video for Cigarette

This song is much more relaxing, and it really showcases Topp Dogg’s vocals well. Thank God there was no auto-tuning in this song.

I’m surprised at how well most of the members can sing.

Unfortunately, in this music video, it looks like the maknaes Atom and Yano aren’t present. I wonder why.

Topp Dogg’s repackaged album for “Dogg’s Out” will be released on December 13th!

It will feature two new tracks, including Cigarette and the Chinese version of “Say It”.

It looks like Stardom Entertainment was being serious when they said that they were designing these boys to compete with EXO. They’re starting their advancement into the Chinese market… though Stardom might be a little off-base, because unlike EXO who has 4 Chinese members, Topp Dogg only has one Chinese member. It’ll be harder for them to break into the market.

Well, wherever Topp Dogg decides to go, we hope success follows them. Be sure to check out their music video for “Cigarette” below!

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