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Topp Dogg releases two music videos for “Say It”

After a very long wait, Topp Dogg is finally here with their debut track “Say It“!

Topp Dogg is a 13-member hip-hop group from Stardom Entertainment. They’re claimed to be the hip-hop version of Super Junior, which may or may not bode well with K-Pop fans.

Instead of releasing just a traditional music video, Topp Dogg decided that it would be best to simultaneously release their original music video for “Say It” alongside the dance practice version.

Topp Dogg releases 2 music videos for Say It

Topp Dogg’s “Say It’ is very catchy, especially the chorus, and the rapping is great, but I have to say… the auto-tune is a bit annoying. The song would be amazing without it.

All 13 members of Topp Dogg look intense, and I mean that in a good way. They all definitely have their own unique charms, which is great because it means that every member is able to stand out on their own from the group.

Check out Topp Dogg’s music videos for “Say It” below! See if they’re your new favorite rookie group.

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