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Topp Dogg reveals 11th member Hansol

Topp Dogg has revealed its 11th member: Hansol. It looks like Topp Dogg is going back to the anime-style with this guy. He looks very mysterious with his long, silver hair and his simple, fashionable attire.

He reminds me of B-Joo, although if I were to be completely honest, I think I like B-Joo a lot more.

There’s only two more members of Topp Dogg left to be revealed! The time is almost here for Topp Dogg to debut and hopefully live up to the expectations of all of their new fans.

Topp Dogg Reveals its 11th member Hansol

I’m sure Topp Dogg will be able to surpass everyone’s expectations though.

These boys will be making their official debut on October 24th with a track called “Say It“. They will have a showcase on October 22nd to show their fans just how talented they are. We’re about a week away before we get to see these guys in action!

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