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Topp Dogg reveals 12th member Kidoh!

Topp Dogg’s 12th member has been revealed! His name is Kidoh and he looks pretty awesome.

He’s sporting a short hairstyle, and he has this mysterious, leadership charisma around him that I really like.

I actually really like his outfit as well, even though we only get to see like… his shoulders. It’s like a mix between a fashionable peacoat and… chainmail?

It looks really cool, and I hope to see more of this outfit in Topp Dogg’s music video for “Say It“.

Topp Dogg reveals 12th member Kidoh

Tomorrow is the final day! Only one member left to be revealed before we finally see all of the members that compose this highly-anticipated new Kpop group.

After all of the members are revealed, Topp Dogg will be prepping for their official showcase on October 22nd and their official debut on October 24th.

Hopefully we get to see some more MV teasers in the following days leading up to their debut. There’s a lot of empty space in-between now and next week, so Topp Dogg has to fill it up with something.

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