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Topp Dogg reveals dynamic MV for comeback track “Arario”

Rookie group Topp Dogg has returned, and this time with a very dynamic and unique track called “Arario“.

Their new song, as well as the music video for the song, combines both elements of traditional Korean culture and elements of modern day society.

The song blends together the sounds of traditional Korean instruments with R&B elements.

“Arario” is such a unique comeback and we hope that the ToppKlass love it.

Topp Dogg reveals dynamic music video for Arario

Arario is Topp Dogg’s 3rd comeback since their debut, which was only a few months ago!

The boys are working extremely hard to make their way to the top in the K-Pop industry.

They debuted in late October with their track “Say It“.

They came back with “Cigarette at the beginning of December, and followed up their promotions with “Open The Door in January.

Now they’re back yet again, only a month later, with “Arario”.

Stardom Entertainment is doing their best to make sure that Topp Dogg becomes the next big thing in the K-Pop industry.

Check out the music video for Topp Dogg’s “Arario” below!

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