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Topp Dogg reveals its 13th and final member: Gohn

Topp Dogg has revealed their 13th and final member! His name is Gohn, and in his teaser image, he’s sporting long, blonde hair with a dazed look.

Alongside revealing Gohn, Topp Dogg released in their fancafe update this message:

We’re revealing ToppDogg’s 13th member GOHN!!
From now on look forward to ToppDogg who’ll be looking for you with a cool appearance!
This group does have that whole swag appeal and they do have a good number of visuals. I can’t wait to see these boys in action.
Topp Dogg reveals its final member Gohn

That’s it! We finally know all 13 members of Topp Dogg! We’re only 6 days away from Topp Dogg making their official debut and 4 days away from them having their first official showcase.

The group will debut with their title track “Say It“. They released a MV teaser for the song a few days ago. Each member tried their best to look fierce for the camera (though I did find the MV teaser a bit… cringe at some points).

Nonetheless, Topp Dogg seems like a promising rookie group, and everyone’s already excited to see what they can offer to the Kpop world.

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