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Topp Dogg reveals its 3rd member: P-Goon

The 3rd member of the highly-anticipated rap group Topp Dogg has been revealed. His stage name is P-Goon (I really question this whole naming system) and he looks nothing like the other two boys.

The other two guys, B-Joo and Hojoon, looked like they came straight out of an anime. P-Goon looks normal, and he really fits Topp Dogg’s description much better. He looks like a bad boy and he carries a lot of “swag”.

Like the other two members, there’s not much info given about P-Goon, but I’m going to assume that he’s one of the rapper, and not like a vocalist or visual (not that he’s bad looking or anything).

Topp Dogg reveals its 3rd member P-Goon

We’re 3 members down, with only 10 more to go until Topp Dogg finally debuts!

I wonder whether the rest of the members will look more like B-Joo, or if they’ll start becoming more fierce and bad-boyish like our P-Goon here. I also wonder whether or not the rest of the members will continue with this silly naming system… there’s just a whole lot of “-oo” going on.

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