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Topp Dogg reveals its 4th member: YANO

Here comes member 4 out of 13! Topp Dogg has just revealed member YANO, and he is definitely a change up from the previous members.

He’s all decked out in hairy clothes and brown tights… It’s like he’s trying to mimic a yeti or something.

YANO looks mysterious and dark, and I believe fans are receiving his concept very positively. They love what a different feel he shows off.

I will admit that his Yeti-visual threw me off a little bit, but I actually really love how unique YANO looks. Topp Dogg is definitely looking like a promising rookie group. So far we have an Angel, Harry Potter, a bad boy, and a Yeti as members… that’s just completely awesome.

Topp Dogg reveals its 4th member YANO

I honestly have no idea what I’m expecting the next member of Topp Dogg to be like. They’re all just so unexpected.

We only have about 14 days left before Topp Dogg officially debuts, and I can speak for most of us when I say that we’re all excited to see what they have to offer.

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