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Topp Dogg reveals its 5th member: Nakta

Topp Dogg member number 5 is out, and his stage name is Nakta! Apparently, he’s one of the members that fans have already known about for a long time. His real name is Shin Yooncheol.

I am really liking Nakta’s appearance. He has this very dark and mysterious aura thing going on… almost like he’s a villain in a movie.

I’m going to assume that Nakta is one of the main rapper’s in the group. If fans already know about him, it means he was part of one of those mixed tapes that Topp Dogg released a while ago.

Topp Dogg reveals its 5th member Nakta

If so, we can expect Nakta to be full of talent! I can’t wait to see him in action once Topp Dogg debuts in 14 days.

We’re 12 hours away from member #6 debuting! I wonder whether the next member follow the same dark trend as Nakta, or if he’ll go a different route instead. Topp Dogg so far has been full of surprises.

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