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Topp Dogg reveals its 8th member: Jenissi

Topp Dogg member #8 has been revealed! His stage name is Jenissi (yay, a somewhat normal name… at least compared to his other members), and his teaser is animalistic, just like Yano’s.

I’m really liking Jenissi’s concept. He has this whole Teen Wolf thing going on (although I don’t know whether he’s a still a teen or not).

His eyes look fierce yet forlorn, and the whole fence thing that’s holding him back provides us with a sense of desperation.

I’m most definitely looking way too into this teaser image, but I love it.

Topp Dogg introduces its 8th member Jenissi

Topp Dogg only has 5 more members to reveal! We should get a good look at all 13 members when October 18th rolls around. The boys are getting ready to have an official debut on October 24th, and they will be holding a special showcase 2 days beforehand on October 22nd.

I can’t wait to see what kind of debut this group has. With all of these teaser images, it looks like Topp Dogg is going to have a fierce and dark concept to kick off their careers with.

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