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Topp Dogg reveals its second member: Hojoon

Topp Dogg has revealed its second member. He goes by the name Hojoon and just like B-joo, Hojoon looks like he came straight out of an anime.

Hojoon looks like he’s one of those stereotypical long-haired, huge glasses mages from fantasy Animes. He has an air of mystery surrounding him as well.

Also like B-joo, this guy looks so innocent! Like is Topp Dogg really a hip-hop group?

I hope they show some gangster-like folks soon, because with Hojoon and B-joo, I feel like we’re getting ready to hear a pop group rather than a rap group.

Topp Dogg reveals its second member Hojoon!

Maybe that’s what Topp Dogg’s going for? A group full of deceiving-looking innocent guys who show their true dark charisma onstage (albeit that’d be pretty awesome).

We’re only 2 members in out of 13, but I’m already ready for this group to make their debut! We only have 17 days left! I can’t wait to see who’s revealed next.

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