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Topp Dogg reveals member #10: Sangdo

Topp Dogg member #10 is out! His name is Sangdo and he looks pretty gangster-ish. He’s sporting corn rows, a wife beater, and lots and lots of bling.

Check out how many piercings this guy has… wow.

I’m guessing that Sangdo is one of the rappers of the group, because honestly I can’t see him being a vocalist… but who knows, he may surprise all of us.

Now that member #10 is out, we only have 3 more members to go before we finally get to see Topp Dogg as a whole!

Topp Dogg reveals member number 10 Sangdo

Topp Dogg is set to have their debut on October 24th, which is only 9 days from now! In only a week, Topp Dogg will also be holding their official debut showcase!

We’re all very excited to see what Topp Dogg has to offer, and all of their teaser images show that we have a very charismatic and attractive boy group headed our way.

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