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Topp Dogg reveals their first member: B-Joo!

As promised, one-by-one, Topp Dogg is revealing its members to us! The group plans on revealing one member a day until their debut on October 24th! (though I do wonder why they didn’t start the whole unveiling on the 11th. It would’ve coincided with their debut much better. Now they have this big 5-day gap they have to fill).

The first member lucky enough to be revealed is B-Joo! He is already gaining fans with his angelic, anime-like looks!

He sports a long silver/lavender hairstyle, and he looks enchanting while staring off into the distance.

We’re not sure what his position in the group is, but if we had to guess, we’d say he’s a visual. Definitely a great member to kick off the teasers with.

Topp Dogg unveils their first member B-Joo!

B-Joo’s image seems to contradict Topp Dogg’s concept though. They’re supposed to be a hip-hop predominant group, but B-Joo looks too nice and innocent to be a rapper. He seems more fit to be a regular K-Pop idol singer. We’ll wait to see what he has to offer us.

The Kpop industry is already very excited for Topp Dogg. Earlier this year, the group released a few mixtape’s that caught the ears of Kpop fans all around. This group definitely has the talent to make it in the industry, and if they’re anything like Block B, they’ll make the industry fall in love with them.

We can’t wait to see who gets revealed next! We hope Topp Dogg has an excellent and successful debut.

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