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Topp Dogg reveals their MV teaser for debut track “Say It”

Topp Dogg has given us an appetizer for what we can expect from them when they debut next week. They have just released an MV teaser for “Say It“, their debut track!

The teaser is only 24 seconds long, but it’s enough to make Topp Dogg’s fans go crazy. “Say It” sounds very interesting to say the least.

We’re greeted with repetitive, yet catchy lyrics and also a hint of auto-tune (mainly for the sound and not to make up for lack of talent).

This group looks very promising, and it looks like we’re going to have another stellar hip-hop group on our hands.

Topp Dogg reveals its MV teaser for Say It


I am a bit afraid that Topp Dogg is going to get compared a lot to B.A.P and Bangtan Boys, but then again, there’s always room for amazing talent in the K-Pop industry.

You can check out the MV teaser for “Say It” below. Be sure to tune in next week when Topp Dogg officially debuts!

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