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Topp Dogg’s official fanclub name to be “ToppKlass”

Topp Dogg is already well on their way to creating an official fanclub.

The name they’ve decided for their fanclub is “ToppKlass“… which has received some divided responses from their current standing of fans.

Some love the name, however many others believe that it’s silly and that it should be changed.

Who knows, maybe Topp Dogg will be like M.Pire! When M.Pire’s fans rejected their fanclub name “Fan.Pire (which is a play on the word vampire and fan — haha), M.Pire went back to the drawing board to come up with a name that their fans would love.

Topp Dogg's official fanclub to be called ToppKlass

Maybe Topp Dogg should go down that route as well.

But if not, well we’re happy for Topp Dogg anyways! It takes some groups a long time after they debut before they get their official fanclub name! I mean look at both f(x) and EXO. EXO is actually supposed to reveal their official fanclub name this year… well they were supposed to reveal it at the first episode of “EXO’s Showtime“, but things happen.

I’m glad that Topp Dogg is already solidifying their stand in the K-Pop world. I hope to see what they have planned for us next! They were actually supposed to release a new single by the end of November, but for some reason… that got delayed (delays seem like a common occurrence in the K-Pop world), so we hope to see that single drop very soon.

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  1. Meme says

    I comment that I want their fan club name to be OBEY or BRAVE but huhm =.=

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