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TS Entertainment Allegedly Hasn’t Paid Their Workers

TS Entertainment is taking hit after hit today.

Earlier today, BABYs were upset at the company after B.A.P hinted that they may be disbanding soon.

Now some alleged TS Entertainment employees have been tweeting that the company hasn’t paid them since January.

So, they’ve been apparently working for free for almost 7 months, which is bizarre on its own.

Netizens have asked why the employees haven’t reported this to the government, but the employees say they have and nothing has been done yet.

They further stated that if no one gets paid soon, there’s no chance that B.A.P will be staying with the company.

TS Entertainment has been notorious for not paying their artists and employees, so all of this seems plausible.

The company is also tangled up in a legal battle with Secret’s Jieun and Hyosung for this very same reason.

If this is true, we hope that B.A.P gets the heck out of that company and moves onto greener pastures.

We also hope that the employees get all of their pay.

They might have to engage in their own legal battle soon.

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