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TVXQ’s Yunho says he nags EXO a lot


TVXQ’s Yunho was recently a guest on SBS Power FM’s Power Time, where he let listeners in on his relationship with EXO.

He says that he is a very strict senior to EXO, and that he nags them a lot. He gives them tips all the time and shares his veteran wisdom with his hoobaes.

Yunho stated that he nags EXO so much because he doesn’t want them to settle. He wants them to strive to be better and better.

But of course, we already knew that Yunho was a strict senior.

TVXQ's Yunho say that he nags EXO a lot

A while back, EXO’s Suho shared a story about how Yunho scolded him while watching the EXO members dance.

He told Suho that as a leader, it was his responsibility to make sure his fellow members hit their marks correctly.

Yunho stated that he was scared that EXO’s fans would hate him for nagging the boys so much, but fans should realize that the EXO members have the utmost respect for Yunho because of his strictness.

  1. Vanessa Anne says

    I don’t really know much about Yunho but man, he already has my respect!

  2. Bellaputri Nur Oktavia says

    wondering how yunho get mad haha

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