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TWICE’s Dating Ban Has Been Lifted

At the start of the careers, the girls of TWICE stated that they had a 3-year dating ban imposed on them.

Well, their 3rd anniversary has just passed (October 20th), so now they’re free to date whoever they want!

JYP has been really super supportive of the dating ban being lifted.

He said that if any of the girls have a boyfriend, that he’ll treat them both out to dinner.

How sweet of him.

Usually companies freak out when their idols start dating. 

I mean just look at CUBE’s reaction to HyunA and E-Dawn.

We’re sure that the girls are very excited to be able to get into the dating world (if they haven’t been secretly dating people behind-the-scenes already).

There are members like Jihyo who said that the 3-year ban was too short, whereas there are other members like Jeongyeon and Sana who were literally counting the days before they could start dating.

They’re all hilarious.

We’re glad that the girls of TWICE can finally have some semblance of normalcy in their lives.

Get ready for an upcoming year filled with dating “scandals” by Dispatch though.

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