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Twitch Subtember Lets You Renew Gifted Subs For Cheap!

It looks like Twitch is going to help its streamers fend off the upcoming subpocalypse by bringing back Subtember.

This Subtember will be different compared to last year’s though, where viewers could purchase one sub to any streamer for 50% off.

Twitch and several streamers have announced that starting this month, those of you who have active, gifted-subs can renew your subs for only $1.

And even better, streamers will still receive the full revenue they would’ve received if you subscribed to their channel at normal price.

This feature isn’t live yet, but according to Shroud, it’ll be going live starting next week.

We know that many streamers lately have been trying to convince their gifted subs to keep subscribing if they like their stream.

Now with this awesome promotion, more people will have an incentive to keep their subs going.

So if you have an active gifted-sub, especially one to a smaller channel, give that sub a renewal.

It’s only a buck.

You’ll get continued ad-free viewing, access to special emotes, access to the sub-only chat modes most streamers turn on, plus much more depending on who you’re subbed to.

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