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Video of EXO-K’s Kai saying a racial slur surfaces

A video has surfaced showing that EXO-K’s Kai had an ignorant side to him pre-debut.

The video, which unfortunately was leaked by one of his friends, displays Kai showing off his “American“.

I don’t know where he’s learning his American phrases from, but over here it is definitely not alright to throw around racial slurs like the N-word.

Obviously, this has devastated many international EXO fans and pissed off a lot of international netizens.

EXO-K Kai caught throwing out racial slur N-word

The video, which is a couple of minutes long, starts off as friends just goofing off and having fun, but around the 1:00 mark is where the negativity starts.

To be honest, I kind of just turned off the video after that, so I’m not sure whether or not he uses the racial term against afterwards.

Now this is Kai when he was a lot younger, so maybe he’s matured now and realizes that N-word is not alright to say.

But then again, this isn’t the first time that South Korean entertainers thought that it was okay to be blatantly racist (with their “black face” skits, stereotyping Black people and fried chicken despite it being a very popular dish for South Koreans as well, and other nonsense).

We hope Kai learns from this mess.

Check out the video here.

  1. miss. overspender says

    well said “but OVER HERE it is definitely not..” now im not trying to find him excuses, but tbh before all that fuss over baek calling kai dark skinned happened i didn’t know that the n-word is so offensive either. and im not an ignorant person: i read, i research stuff, i surf the internet etc. i knew it’s bad alright but i didn’t know it’s THAT bad. i probably wouldnt have used it, but i wouldnt have reacted in any way if someone said it in my presence either. thing is i dont live in the usa. but i see movies, listen to american music in which that word is pronounced without a problem, most of the times by black people themselves. this being said is not so out of the ordinary that i didnt knew how offensive it is. so maybe we should cut him and not only him a bit of slack. just a tiny bit

    1. exoyehet says

      Yes, I do blame American movies and music for making it seem like the n-word isn’t that big of a deal… and to be honest I’m pretty sure that’s why Kai thought it was alright to use the racial slur the way he did.

      It’s very insulting, and people (minus gangsters and hoodlums) over in America don’t use the word in public. The movies/music just glorify it.

      I guess it’s more of a sensitive topic in America than in other countries because of America’s rough history with racism towards black people.

      But despite Kai saying the n-word, I still love the boy and I’m sure he honestly didn’t mean it the way it’s really meant.

      1. Zhu Vic says

        Actually…I live in America (NY) and lots of people use it towards their friends (especially teenagers) and sometimes that person isn’t even African American. Another example would be girls and boyfriends calling their friend/girlfriend a “bitch” (please excuse my language). I believe Kai probably said the word without truly understanding how offensive that word can be to some people at that time. I believe he learned from his mistakes now and the antis should stop bashing on him.

  2. Alix Apples Adair says

    It’s nice to see someone who isn’t either screaming their head off at him, or screaming in his defence. Generally, I’m just freaking sick of all the screaming and caps locks =_=

    But yeah, it’s safe to say I’m disappointed and slightly annoyed at him for it, but when it comes down to it this was likely a few years back, and he’s hopefully matured since then so I’m going to forgive him for it. Ultimately it’s something he’s said – a horrible display of ignorance and insensitivity, but not something specifically targeted with the intent to hurt anyone. There are ‘fans’ saying that they hate him and won’t forgive him and some even threatening to leave the fandom, and it honestly hurts me because how can they think this boy – who is constantly mocked for his own skin tone – would ever mean it maliciously?
    In my opinion this slip-up has come from growing up in an age generation where media is blurring the line of what is and isn’t offensive, a society which is slightly less open when it comes to race, and being of an age where impressing your friends becomes a tad too important. I live in the UK – somewhere that’s entirely aware of how offensive that word is – and yet my little brother says it whilst quoting songs or talking to a middle class black friend of his who ‘doesn’t mind’ because that child himself wants to be considered cool by his friends: none of them understand completely how strong a word this is because they’re too concerned with how their yearbook sees them.
    Anyway, overall I’m just sick of people being either so close-minded that they refuse to admit people can make idiotic mistakes yet still be generally good people, or being so stubborn that they can’t admit their oppa seriously messed up. Mainly, I’m seriously annoyed at his so-called friend who leaked the video, and am worried for how guilty Kai is probably feeling right now because of the huge reaction both fans and antis alike have created of the issue. No one seems to be able to just discuss the matter calmly and be done with it :/

  3. dani says

    I kind of feel like Kai just used the n word cause he just heard it off somewhere, not cause he actually understands what it means. But who knows…

  4. mongjamie06 says

    he was called the n-word… he didn’t say it… it was his friend… you can just bearly hear him say something about kai’s dark skin just before.

  5. Trin says

    Doesn’t sound like Kai saying it in the video…his voice is very distinctive, and the voice you hear saying the n-word sounds like one of his friends. All I could hear Kai say is “No no no America.” and then “Yeah, America, yeah”.

  6. Alicia says

    Stop trying to make up excuses for him saying “it was his friend in the back not him” regardless of if it was him or not it’s in the past, and hopefully he learned that it’s not a word in he should be using. In my opinion no one should the word, but I mean if obviously Im not black or would have gone through slavery, then it’s common sense to not use the word. I hate it when people of different races think it’s okay to use it just because black people use it. I mean they’re black and have the right to make racist jokes against themselves if they’d like… Because they are of that race, but it’s not okay for another race to use it. Simple as that.

  7. passion burn says

    even if he said it or not, dosen’t matter to me. Don’t expect your idol to be perfect. people do makes mistakes and this young man is no exception.
    tbh we are ALL racist. if not with blacks then to other races. everyone’s a racist whether u like it or not.

  8. Taya says

    While I don’t think the n word is appropriate to use at all, I don’t think it’s quite necessary to get as upset as some people were, when in north america a lot of people tend to stereotype asians and make fun of them based on their ethnicity, ( It’s not just asians, but it seemed more relevant here as an example) and it’s a different culture over there, they may not understand exactly what it means and the history behind it, which is American history and the African americans history. I don’t mean to offend anyone.

  9. fan of exo says

    I’m black and I go to a school with a lot of Asian and they say niggah all the time. As greeting one of there homies, it’s not good to say but everybody say it, I even call asains was up niggah and stuff but ayy that’s none of my business. They like it so…

  10. madisch says

    So I have a student from South Korea who lives with me and when she first came here she had no idea that the f word was really bad to say. She knew it was slang but didn’t know she shouldn’t use out around my 11 year old or at school! (She bought a hat that had” weed” on the front cause it was pink and had no idea it was a word for drugs and it was for her mom!)
    Also she only knew about black people through American music and movies and the n word is used by black people all the time so she thought it was like homie or a nickname for your friends so again she knew it was slang but had no idea how offensive it is to people.. She doesn’t have the cultural sensitivities that we do in the US because it’s our history, not hers. Kai was also a stupid high school student at the time and trying to be funny in front of his friends.. I’m sure alot has changed and it’s a shame that his “friend” “leaked” this video as it can only be hurtful in the hands of exo antis.

  11. Juriban98_SM says

    Ok. They never said the N-word.. They said you in Korean which sounds like the N-word… the Korean way of saying you is 네가 or 니가. And when he said American, He meant America. His friend asked ” Where is this (place)?” Then Kai showed up and he said American to say that it was America. because in the video it showed China’s palace thing, the White House, Eiffel Tower, and pyramids all as a mini version in Korea. And they friends were goofing around by doing the teleportation power.

  12. lightstick says

    Alright, I watched the entire video four times and not once did I see Kai say anything other than “America”. One of his friends was definitely the perpetrator; you can see him clearly pointing at Kai and saying: “Fuck you! Nigger!” as if it means absolutely nothing at all. Kai didn’t even say it. Re-watch the video, please.

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