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VIXX awes fans with their dance practice video for G.R.8.U (You’re Impressive)


VIXX has released the dance practice video for their comeback track G.R.8.U (You’re Impressive), and the video has fans in awe. In the dance practice video, the boys show off their powerful choreography, their cheerful charisma, and their individual charms, amazing all of their viewers. I can’t get over just how synchronized their dancing is.

Everything just looks so good in this dance video. And I actually really like the look of Jellyfish Entertainment’s décor and color scheme. Now Orange and Green may be a turn off for most people, but I think that it contributes to a very happy and bright atmosphere.

VIXX awes fans with their dance practice video for G.R.8.U (You're Impressive)

VIXX’s comeback track G.R.8.U (You’re Impressive) is the title track of VIXX’s repackaged album “Jekyll”. Its theme is the complete opposite of their previous title track “Hyde”, and it shows off a more idol-like side of VIXX, showing that they can switch between being vampires and being human seamlessly.

You can also see how loved they are in the K-Pop industry even though they’re still a rookie group. If you look at the views for their dance practice video, you’ll notice that it only has around 60,000 views, but the amount of likes the video has drastically overwhelms its amount of dislikes.

VIXX is still working on developing a huge fan base, but there’s no doubt that eventually, whether it’d be 1 year or 2 years, they’ll be able to do so.

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